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The Best Spa Experience In Phuket
Wellness, 01 July 2019

No holiday in Phuket would be complete without indulging in a rejuvenating spa experience. After a long, fulfilling day exploring the natural wonders of the tropical island paradise that is Phuket, what better way to complete the day than being pampered with a relaxing massage?

The curative powers of massage are myriad. Studies have shown that massage can reduce stress hormone production, reduce muscle tension, increase joint mobility and flexibility, improve skin tone, stimulate the lymphatic system, hasten soft tissue injury recovery, and improve circulation. Yet the most obvious benefit of massage, and perhaps the most important is that it leads to deep relaxation.

Thailand is world-renowned for its traditional massage techniques – and the therapists at the Novotel Phuket Vintage Park Resort’s In Balance spa are among the very best in the country. They combine the finest modern techniques with the traditional practices of their culture.

Whether traveling solo, as a family, or on a romantic getaway for two, the packages on offer from our In Balance spa are sure to revitalize your mind, body and soul with an invigorating and restorative experience.

There are many different treatments available on the menu, including special treatments for children, couples massages, single massages, hard scrubs or soft scrubs, and pore cleansing. Whatever your desires, our highly trained and empathetic staff will deliver an experience that is nothing short of magnificent.

Our expert therapists can be as firm or as gentle as you wish. They have a deep-seated knowledge of the traditional Thai practices that have been lovingly passed from generation to generation, now enhanced with modern science and training for a truly unique and unforgettable experience.

The In Balance Spa by Novotel Phuket Vintage Park has earned numerous prestigious awards that attest to the luxury and comfort of our facilities, as well as the expertise and kindness of our staff members.

In 2014, our “Flower Power” treatment was awarded the best “Innovative Spa Treatment” in Thailand at the Spa & Well-being Awards. Our “Rojana & Sangthong” treatment took home the award in 2015, and our “Pearl Miracle” treatment won it in 2018. In addition to its “Innovative Spa Treatment” awards, the In Balance spa was also honored with the coveted award for “Best Hotel & Resort Spa” in Southern Thailand at the Thailand Tourism Awards in 2015.

The success of our In Balance Spa lies in its luxurious yet understatedly elegant facilities, together with our highly skilled yet considerate staff members. But there is another aspect of In Balance’s success that should not be overlooked, and it is also one of the main reasons grateful guests keep returning to the spa time and again. The spa offers a variety of ingenious treatments that leave guests feeling both physically and spiritually fulfilled.


Rojana & Sangthong

The 2015 winner of the “Innovative Spa Treatment” award was inspired by a traditional Thai folktale.

The story takes place more than a thousand years in the past. Sangthong was born a prince but was expelled from the palace with his mother as a child. He had many adventures and hardships growing up. He had a brave soul and a beautiful golden body, but he had to disguise himself to survive, so he made himself appear dark and dirty.

Rojana was a kind and loving princess whose sublime beauty and strength of character were known throughout the land. Rojana had many suitors and on her wedding day, and she was expected to choose a husband by throwing him a garland of flowers. Instead of all the rich and handsome men, she chose Sangthong. She saw through his disguise and knew him for the prince he really was.

Her father was so displeased with her choice that he expelled them from the palace, but Rojana stuck with Sangthong. Rojana and Sangthong only had each other but they were truly happy. Eventually, Sangthong’s disguise was broken and the king came to see him for the prince he was all along. The couple lived happily ever after.

In keeping with the same romantic spirit, the spa offers a perfect experience for couples. The treatment includes a black coconut two-in-one body scrub and a 30-minute mask, followed by a one-hour coconut glow shimmer oil massage. Bring out your inner Thai prince and princess with this unique spa experience for two.


Flower Power

In Thai culture, flowers are very special symbols representing opportunity as well as individuality. A flower’s unique beauty, fragrance and color is just like a person’s spirit. Every person has a special flower just for them, that corresponds with their date of birth. This special flower will connect with their life force, bringing prosperity and lasting wellness.

Our therapist will find this special flower for you and incorporate its power, along with that of other meaningful flowers, into your massage treatment. The treatment includes a 55-minute full body massage, a 30-minute body scrub, and a 30-minute body wrap to renew your mind and spirit.



This 55-minute rejuvenating and skin softening massage alleviates stress, for a simple yet invigorating spa option.


My Mommy & Me

The restorative power of a massage isn’t just for adults. Your child will love it too. Enjoy a 30-minute professional massage with your child, and relish in the calm and relaxation that follows.


Coconut Lovers Massage

Tropical coconut oil brings many known health benefits, as it improves liver health, stabilizes blood pressure, boosts good cholesterol and provides an overall energy boost.

This package unlocks the curative powers of the coconut with a 55-minute coconut body oil massage, a 25-minute coconut-honey body scrub, and a 10-minute face massage with coconut oil.


No trip to Thailand is complete without a spa experience. Come see for yourself why the In Balance Spa by Novotel Phuket Vintage Park has been selected for so many prestigious awards. The professional and caring hands of our skilled massage therapists are sure to provide you with a relaxing experience that will stand out among the many other happy recollections of your time in Thailand.

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  • the-best-spa-experience-in-phuket
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