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What To Do At Night In Patong

As one of the premiere tourist destinations in Thailand, Patong has many exciting venues and nightlife activities for all moods and tastes. With such a variety of options available, you may feel a little overwhelmed about what to do. To help you decide, we’ve put together some different plans for a fun night out in Patong.

Bars and clubs

Patong is famous for its bar and club scene – but if you’re going to be drinking alcohol, it’s probably a good idea to have dinner first. We recommend the No. 6 Restaurant, which serves delectable Thai food at reasonable prices. It’s located on Patong Beach and is about a 6-minute walk from Bangla Road, where the bars and clubs are can be found up and down the street. If the No. 6 Restaurant is too crowded, which can happen, the nearby Orange Restaurant is a great alternative that also has sumptuous Thai food and some of the lowest drink prices you’ll find in Patong.

After a satisfying meal, head over to Bangla Road to take in the bustling atmosphere of the Patong party scene. The New York Live Music Bar, Red Hot Bar, and Monsoon Bar are all excellent places to start your night. Since the bars are all in close proximity to one another, you can easily visit many different ones in a single night.

Each has its own unique charm. If you are looking to go clubbing, a few favorites include the White Room Nightclub, New Tiger Disco, and Hollywood Phuket. These clubs are open until dawn, so you can dance the night away!

Live entertainment

If you’re looking for something slightly more relaxed, there are two must-see entertainment venues in Patong. The Patong Boxing Stadium and Simon Cabaret both provide exciting and authentic Thai experiences.

Muay Thai fights are held every Monday, Thursday and Saturday night starting from 9 p.m. at the Patong Boxing Stadium – one of the biggest stadiums in Southern Thailand.

Muay Thai matches are exhilarating. The martial art differs from traditional boxing, as fighters are allowed to use their feet, knees, elbows and fists. The fighters at the Patong Boxing Stadium are world-class and the matches are always thrilling. The stadium is only a 10-minute walk from Novotel Phuket Vintage Park. So feel free to come by our restaurant, The Square, for some delicious Asian and international cuisine before you go watch the fights.

The Simon Cabaret Show

the most famous ladyboy show in Thailand – is another excellent option for a night of live entertainment. The theatre is luxurious, the costumes are glamorous, and the performers are wildly entertaining. Prior to the show, we highly recommend having dinner at the Patong Sunset View Restaurant, which is a 7-minute car ride from Simon Cabaret. You can dine on some delicious local Thai food while enjoying the stunning view of the sun setting over the city.


Patong night markets

Night markets in Thailand bring together various street vendors and offer a wide range of different food and shopping options. The most famous night market in Patong is the Bangla Night Market on Bangla Road. This is the same lively area that’s home to all the bars and clubs we mentioned earlier. You can find all kinds of food on your visit, including meat skewers, tropical fruits, boat noodles, and even barbequed crocodile. There is something for everyone, but the fresh seafood is particularly delicious.

Another excellent option is the OTOP Patong Market. This market is the perfect place to buy souvenirs as there are plenty of stalls that sell accessories, clothes, and small goods. Just be aware that vendors sometimes set higher prices for foreigners, so be sure to bargain accordingly. Our staff at the hotel can let you know what price ranges are appropriate for what items.

After walking around the market, a great way to end the night is to enjoy a massage at one of the many parlors in OTOP Patong Market. Thailand is world-renowned for its massages, and no trip to Phuket would be complete without one.

These are just some of the many wonderful options that Patong has to offer. Feel free to follow or adapt them however you like. To begin planning your island adventure, have a look at the availability of rooms on our website, or contact us at to find out more. The Novotel Phuket Vintage Park is located in the heart of Patong makes it the perfect base for an unforgettable experience on the magical island of Phuket.

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