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In Balance Spa – Award Winning Luxury Spa




Our very well-known “In Balance”, winner of the World Luxury Spa Award 2019 is the best choice for those seeking a rejuvenating experience at a spa in Patong. We offer a variety of spa treatments where guests can choose the right massage and beauty services according to their needs. The services we provide include body treatments as well as facial treatments, such as Phytomer After Sun Rejuvenate Facial, Thai Herbal Facial, Oriental Thai Massage, Summer Solstice by In Balance, and more. These services are performed by our professional team of massage therapists, who will make you feel relaxed and comfortable at every moment during the treatment.

Our spa and massage sessions provide time for the mind and body to truly find peace. Our treatments are an excellent chance to relax, chill out, re-energize,

Massage can enhance your emotional as well as physical well-being. It helps reduce muscle tension and relieves some kinds of chronic pain. Getting a massage can also help improve the body’s cardiovascular health as well. So, even for those who spend a lot of energy on extreme activities, our massage programme will help the body move towards a full recovery.

For those who want to renew and revitalize their skin, our body exfoliation treatment offers a terrific solution. This kind of treatment makes the skin look fresh and rejuvenated, as it removes dead skin cells while promoting cell regeneration.

In addition, for those who have little kids, Novotel Phuket Vintage Park offers guests a special  “My Mommy and Me” session. Guests with kids will enjoy the relaxed feeling of having a massage in the same room for 30 minutes.

Our In Balance spa has received many awards, including “Innovative Spa Treatment” prize in Thailand Spa & Well-being Awards 2014 (Flower Power), 2015 (Rojana & Sangthong) and 2018 (The Pearl Miracle). Moreover, we received an Outstanding Award for “Best Hotel & Resort Spa” in Southern Thailand at the Thailand Tourism Awards 2015.

Every single step of our spa treatment is performed with care and delicacy by our experts. We have also carefully crafted all of our aromatic products, which will greatly enhance your spa experience. Our In Balance spa provides unique and outstanding services that can bring our guests the peace and comfort they need. If you are looking for a hotel spa in Patong, Novotel Phuket Vintage Park is the best option. Come to us and experience the most memorable journey to wellness available in Phuket.

Open daily : 09.00 a.m. – 09.00 p.m.


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The Multi Awards Winning Spa

In Balance Spa by Novotel Phuket Vintage Park has received the esteemed award as the winner of “Innovative Spa Treatment” in Thailand Spa & Well-being Awards 2014 (Flower Power), 2015 (Rojana & Sangthong) and 2018 (The Pearl Miracle). In addition, our best Spa has been honored with an Outstanding Awards for “Best Hotel & Resort Spa” in Southern Thailand at Thailand Tourism Awards 2015.

Rojana & Sangthong

A thousand year ago lived a prince and princess who found their love by miracle. Princess Rojana was an adorable and beautiful person. In her culture, she has to throw up her traditional garland to the man she loves, and get married with him immediately. Elegants princes were standing up in front of her, waiting to be chosen. Unexpected, Princess looked at one prince who was not attractive and looked dirty but she decided to throw him her traditional garland surprised, he took it and they spent the rest of their live happy together.

Why she choose him? The treatment will give you the answer…

*The winner of Thailand Spa & Well-Being Awards 2015

Flower Power Collection

Flowers have special meaning for Thai people. We use them as a symbol for many opportunities in life. We believe that our character is like a flower.The beauty of the flower is a representation of your spirit and mind. The color, the fragrance and the beauty of each flower is as unique as each person’s personality. We believe that flower promote our live force. If you giving us your birth date. Our therapist will find your flower match. Relax and clam your mind with our triple flower treatment.

*The winner of Thailand Spa & Well-Being Awards 2014


Calming experience massage which is a fovourite of many guests to evacuate stress and soften the skin for 55 minutes.

My Mommy & Me

Have your kids discover the joy and relaxed feeling of a professional massage within the same treatment room for 30 minutes.

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